My name is Barbara Pijnappel and I live and work in Apeldoorn. In 1987 I started making sculptures and shortly after that I started painting. For some years I followed painting lessons, given by the painter Don Nederhand and lessons in modelling with wax and clay given by the sculptor Joop te Riele in Apeldoorn.
During the same time I started to work part-time at a foundery to get experience with the working in bronze. I did that for about 7 years. In between I have drawn models for a year, together with a group of artists in my town. In the summer of ’96, still followed by a short course in aquarelling in Heelsum (Gld.)

For also getting experience with sculpturing in stone I followed several sculpturing courses with the sculptors Peter Schuijren in Limburg (1994), in the Auvergne in France at Bleu et Vert given by Marianne Neve from Leiden in '95 and with Gerard van Rooij from Den Bosch in '95, '97 and 2011. From 2002 until 2005 I followed sculpturing courses from marblespecialist Caroline Teesing and Guus Jooss in Utrecht, at UCK in Utrecht and at Campo Altissimo in Azzano, (near Carrara) Italy. Followed by several creations in marble. In stone I followed a more abstract and free way of shaping. The shaping is more destined by the stone itself.

In 99 and 00 I worked together with an international sculpturegroup at Gallery and Sculpturegarden Tem Veyne in Eerbeek (Gld.). In december 2001, I have sculptured, on the invitation of the Spanish foundation Fundaçion Valparaiso, a month in their studios of their artistresidency in Mojacar, Andalucië. This foundation gives to artists internationally de opportunity to stay there a month and create new work. Until now I've worked with several sorts of stones like French limestone, alabaster, soap-stone, marble, dolomite, serpentine, siberian leapardstone, springstone, marblegranite: Azul de Macaubas.

In the past years constantly there have been exhibitions in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium in artgalleries, companies, institutions and first class restaurants (Michelin and Alliance).
In the course of time I created in bronze a series of nudes, torsos, dancers, some fairy-tale figures, animals, some magic-realistic sculptures and a series of religious figures (in assignment).

Since the summer of 2005 I have a small sculpturegarden at my studio/gallery/livingroom. It is open on appointment. On this site you can see the sculptures that I made and that are for sale. You also can see the the garden, assignments I did, information about my workshops carving in soapstone & modelling that are given by me since 2006. In 2007 + 2009 I also gave some workshops Creative Thinking. Since the autumn of 2012 started a modelling course in wax + clay.

In my sculptures my aim is to realise harmony, movement, tension, volume, play from space and non-space, the influence of light, and always there is the hollow and spherical. They have to rise up, but also stand strong. They can have a contrast in idea and/or material: for instance the drops that fall as water, but in the meantime, stands and reaches up as a sculpture. Lately I'm fascinated by organic and natural elements and to create them in stone.

2019 (planning)
mar/apr        exhibition in museum Thijnhof, Coevorden

2018 (planning)
all year        membership Professional Artist Organisation
all year        workshops soapstone and modelling at Barb's Sculpturegarden-Studio, Wenum
jan./dec.      exhibition restaurant 't Nonnetje, Harderwijk**
7 jan.           Interview
RTV Apeldoorn @Cultuurbrunch in Art-Cafe Sam Sam, Apeldoorn
12/1-6/4      course modelling, Barb's Sculpturegarden-Studio, Wenum
10/6, 2/9, 11/11 Open afternoons
(free entrance) at Barb's Sculpturegarden-Studio, Wenum
mei/oct.       Barb's Sculpturegarden-Studio open on appointment, Wenum
5/10-21/12  course modelling, Barb's Sculpturegarden-Studio, Wenum
all year         portfolio in museum CODA, Apeldoorn

since jan.     membership Professional Artist Organisation
jan./dec.      exhibition restaurant 't Nonnetje, Harderwijk**

all year        workshops soapstone en modelling at Barb's Sculpturegarden-Studio, Wenum
13/1-7/4      course modelling with wax and clay, Barb's Sculpturegarden-Studio , Wenum
11/6             participation market by the Wenum Mill, Wenum Wiesel
13/4, 26/6, 14/8  interviews
RTV Apeldoorn, programm Matinee
7/5+20/8+22/10 Open afternoons Barb's Sculpturegarden- Studio, Wenum (free entrance)
22/9 -15/12 course modelling, Barb's Sculpturegarden-Studio, Wenum
all year        portfolio in museum CODA, Apeldoorn

jan./dec.       workshops soapstone and modelling at Barb's Sculpturegarden-Studio, Wenum and outside
21/1, 22/2, 17/5, 26/7 interviews RTV Apeldoorn, programm Matinee
jan./apr.        course modelling, Barb's Sculpturegarden-Studio, Wenum
jan./dec.       exhibition restaurant 't Nonnetje, Harderwijk**
jan./mar.       exhibition restaurant Avant-Garde Van Groeninge in the PSV stadion, Eindhoven*
mei/oct.        Barb's Sculpturegarden-Studio open on appointment + on open afternoons, Wenum                       Wiesel
, (free entrance)
mar/june        exhibition restaurant Puur Zee in Hotel Villa de Klughte, Wijk aan Zee

mai/sept.      Barb's Sculpturegarden-Studio open on appointment, Wenum Wiesel (not in schoolholidays)
22/5, 14/8 + 16/10 Open afternoons Barb's Sculpturegarden-Studio, Wenum
sept/dec.      modelling course, Barb's Sculpturegarden-Studio, Wenum
all year          portfolio in museum CODA, Apeldoorn

exhibition restaurant Kaagjesland, Reeuwijk*
jan./apr.   courses modelling at Barb's Studio, Wenum
jan./sept. exhibition at restaurant 't Nonnetje, Harderwijk**
jan./dec.   workshops soapstone carving + modelling at Barb's Sculpturegarden-Studio.
apr/sept.  exhibition restaurant Avant Garde at PSV stadium, Eindhoven*
mei/sept.  Barb's Sculpturegarden-Studio open on appointment, Wenum Wiesel
31/5, 9/8 + 11/10 Open afternoons Barb's Sculpturegarden, Wenum
20 june    deelname aan Summerfair Asselsestraat, Apeldoorn
sept/dec. courses modelling, Barb's Studio, Wenum
11 nov.     radio interview RTV Apeldoorn
all year     portfolio in museum CODA, Apeldoorn

jan./mar.   exhibition at restaurant Sense, ´s Hertogenbosch*
jan./apr.    courses modelling at Barb's Studio, Wenum
jan./dec.   Workshops soapstone carving + modelling at Barb's Sculpturegarden-Studio.
jan/febr.    workshops modelling + painting at Prinses Beatrixschool, Wenum
apr./sept.  exhibition restaurant 't Havenmantsje, Harlingen
mei/sept.  Barb's Sculpturegarden-Studio open at appointment, Wenum Wiesel
21 june     with stand at Summerfair Asselsestraat, Apeldoorn
22 june     Open afternoon Barb's Sculpturegarden, Wenum
11 -26 july participation in a special theme exhibition titled 'Apeldoorn zet de Toon', with guest curator                   cultural journalist from the daily newspaper the Stentor David Levie, in the Acec-building (more                   info at in Apeldoorn, opening by Apeldoorns former mayor Hans                   Esmeijers.
30 aug.     participation Market for Courses in library of CODA-central, Apeldoorn
sept/dec.  exhibition at restaurant 't Nonnetje, Harderwijk**
sept/dec   course modelling at Barb's Studio, Wenum
sept/dec   exhibition restaurant Kaagjesland, Reeuwijk*

oct.           assignment for sitting woman, W. Turken, Apeldoorn  
all year      portfolio in museum CODA, Apeldoorn

jan./febr.     CODA-museum, participation groupexhibition Apeldoorn Art, Apeldoorn
jan.              exhibiting sculpture for, Beeld van Beatrix, for the 75th birthday of Queen Beatrix
dec. apr.     exhibition restaurant Hunting Lodge, Rozendaal
jan./apr.       Courses modelling, Barb's Studio, Wenum
apr./nov.      Workshops carving soapstone + modelling, Barb's Sculpturegarden-Studio, Wenum

mai/sept.     Barb's Sculpturegarden-Studio open on appointment, Wenum Wiesel
mai/dec.      exhibition
Alliance restaurant De Fuik, Aalst
16 june        Open afternoon Barb's Sculpturegarden, Wenum
22 june        with stand at Summerfair Asselsestraat, Apeldoorn
31 aug.        with stand at CODA market for courses in Central Library, Apeldoorn
sept/dec.     exhibition at restaurant Sense, ´s Hertogenbosch*

all year         portfolio in museum CODA, Apeldoorn

mai/nov.     Workshops carving soapstone + modelling Barb's Sculpturegarden-Studio, Wenum
mar./july       exhibition restaurant 't Nonnetje, Harderwijk*
mai/sept.    Barb's Sculpturegarden-Studio open on appointment, Wenum Wiesel
4 aug.          Participation in route Beemte studio- and bikingtour, Open Barb's Sculpturegarden,Wenum
1 sept.         Participation at Cultural Market Kanaaloevers, Apeldoorn
sept/dec.     exhibition Avantor Materials, Deventer\
sept.dec.     Course modelling, Barb's Studio, Wenum
all year        portfolio in museum CODA, Apeldoorn

on going     Workshops carving soapstone/modelling
febr/april     exhibition in Restaurant De Burgemeester, Linschoten*
5 march      Radio interview Radio Apeldoorn
12 april       Presentation workshops carving soapstone at Wenums Watermill for WWWNA, Wenum
april/june    exhibition in Restaurant One, Roermond*
30 april       Artmarket Loolaan for citypart WWWNA in Apeldoorn with demonstrating carving soapstone                    & presentation of stone sculptures  
24 may       radio interview Radio 798-Hattem/Heerde            
may/dec.    exhibition at restaurant 't Amsterdammertje, Loenen aan de Vecht*
14 may       Open Afternoon with demonstration carving soapstone at Barb's Sculpturegarden
may/sept.   Barb's Sculpturegarden open on appointment, Wenum Wiesel
25/26 jun    Bikingartroute Vaassen, sculpture exhibition + demonstration carving in soapstone
                   at Lot Kreeftenberg's studio & garden in Vaassen
july              participating at sculpturing course o.l.o. Gerard van Rooij at, Auvergne,                     France. I    worked in a blue granitmarble: Azul de Macaubas
aug./sept.   exhibition at Cityhall of Hattem, Hattem
december   exhibition at Bibliotheek CODA Ugchelen, Apeldoorn
all year        portfolio at museum CODA, Apeldoorn

continuing  Workshops carving in soapstone + modelling
jan.             exhibition in  Alliance restaurant Niven, Rijswijk
jan./apr      exhibition in Restaurant De Nederlanden/Hotel Sandton, Vreeland*
may/sept.  Barb's Sculpturegarden open on appointment, Wenum Wiesel
17 june      Radio interview Radio Apeldoorn
7 aug.        participation at studio + bikingroute, Open Barb's Sculpturegarden, Wenum
all year      portfolio in museum CODA, Apeldoorn

jan./mrt.      restaurant Le Marron, Malden*
jan ./mrt.     restaurant De Vlindertuin, Zuidlaren*
april            workshop carving in soapstone, buurthuis Ons Honk-Wisselwerk, Apeldoorn
mei/aug.     restaurant Posthoorn, Monnickendam*
mei/aug.     restaurant Jagershuis, Ouderkerk a/d Amstel
mei/sept.    Sculpturegarden open: exhibiting artists Don Nederhand + Ranko Skenderija, Wenum mei/dec.     Workshops carving in soapstone + modelling
aug./jan. '10 Alliance restaurant Niven, Rijswijk
19 okt.         interview Radio Apeldoorn
14 nov         Workshop Creative Thinking for exhibition The nature of the beast in CODA museum,                      Apeldoorn
all year        portfolio in museum CODA, Apeldoorn

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